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Testimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customers
I met Gail about 6 weeks ago when I went to her office to take pictures for the web site. Now we all have heard good and bad stories about colon hydrotherapy and I wanted to know what the differences were. There are three main things to consider when you get this treatment done:

1. Are you comfortable with the Clinic and Technician that is taking care of you?
2. Is the facility clean and has a good energy where you feel calm and relaxed?
3. Most important are they using the newest and best machine available today?

The Colonic Stories
Yes, I have heard so many and I know you have also. I had one friend that said it is the best thing for you and she enjoyed the treatment. I had another friend that had told me her experience, where the bride to be suggested that she and the other bride’s maids have the treatment done to lose five pounds before the wedding, so they could fit into their bride’s maids gowns. Her comment was that the treatment was horrible and humiliating, but she did lose the five pounds. One other person told me that her friends had portable units that they used in their own homes to do the treatments on a regular schedule. Now you may have noticed that I keep referring to women in my discussion. To be honest I really do not know any men that have had the treatment. It is either they are very leery as I was or they wouldn't let their egos be soiled with the thought of other men knowing what they had undergone, whether it was good or bad. I even had a very close friend whose father was a doctor tell me if you have a treatment you better wear Depends on your way home. So you see with all of these confusing and sometime negative comments I was very apprehensive, as many of you are.

Talking with Gail
As I mentioned I was in the process of building this web site for Gail (the owner of Your Inner Health), so I went down to take some pictures. The first thing I noticed when I went into the clinic is that it was very calming. The colors of the waiting room and its lighting was very easy on the eyes, and the effect was actually really nice. So I met Gail and she is a very personable person with a great attitude about health. You can see it in her demeanor and her eyes that she is the real deal, a person that really cares about making people feel better and getting them healthy. As we walked through the office she showed me the actual machine used for the treatments. She mentioned that this machine was an FDA cleared Clearwater Hydrotherapy equipment. The only colonic system that has been Trademarked and Patented in the world. Your Inner Health colon hydrotherapy equipment meets the highest safety standards and uses a four filter ultra-violet water purification system. She proceeded to show me some before and after pictures of body builders. When I looked at them she pointed out the differences in there Oblique's, the right and left side of your abdominal areas. The definition in them was increased. It was interesting because I was looking at these guys that had incredible abbs, but their definition increased even more so with the treatment and there Oblique's really stood out with defined and chiseled definition after the treatment. You would never think that guys like this would have a problem and there would be such a difference in their looks after the treatments. The light bulb was turning on. She further explained that a lot of people don't realize that if they have their belly sticking out it is actually an accumulation of feces or impaction in the colon. Wow, I was up to the challenge sign me up and lets give this a try.

My First Treatment
Well I am here and waiting for my treatment. A little nervous and well just a little nervous. Gail leads me into one of the treatment rooms for me to change into a smock and get ready for the treatment. As I mentioned earlier, I have heard many stories and some remarks about discomfort. I knew that when the applicator was inserted I was in for some discomfort. Well that wasn't too bad. Not something you do every day, but it wasn't that bad. As I was lying on my back I asked Gail a few questions. Gail showed me a chart on the wall on how the water would travel up into my colon and start removing the accumulation of putrefied feces that line the walls of the large intestine. Water? Purified Water only. There is no special solution used in the colonic hydrotherapy to get rid of the putrefied feces? I was informed that the only thing that would remove the accumulation of putrefied feces is soaking the colon with purified water which allows the hardened material to soften and be released. Ok, so what about those diet teas that make you go…well you know if you have used those teas or other products like flax seed etc. they really make you go. Gail told me that what most people don’t realize is that those products do nothing to remove the impaction and hard putrefied material on the sides of the colon. So all of that time I was just removing my stomach contents and not actually getting rid of the harden pockets that were in my colon. Talk about going to school. I have to say it was rather interesting seeing this chart on the wall knowing that in the pockets of my colon there would be areas of hardened feces that would start to loosen with the irrigation of the colon with just water. She also informed me that these accumulations can harbor parasites or pathogenic gut flora. I had heard about parasites and worms before in people from eating sushi and other things but never really thought that I could have that. The conversation went on for about 7 to 10 minutes. At that time I asked her when the procedure would start and she told me that it had. "You mean to tell me all this time I have had water going into my colon?" She said yes. I was dumbfounded I hadn't felt a thing and I was totally unaware of the process. So I asked, "Why does everyone say that it is so uncomfortable and if you like the feeling of a water hose injecting into your intestines you'll be fine." She basically laughed and explained that with the new technology and the equipment that she uses there was no discomfort as there were in treatments years ago.

She further explained that the person who designed this specific machine was a fluid engineer. He designed the machine so that the purified water would enter the colon in a circular motion. So there is what I had mentioned earlier about using the newest and best machine available today. During my first meeting with Gail I mentioned that she showed me the machine. It really didn't register at that time. So this machine is FDA cleared and the only colonic system that has been Trademarked and Patented in the world. The actual machine is a Clearwater Hydrotherapy unit. So back to the treatment. After a while you start to release the water back out of your colon. You get that feeling of you need to go really, really bad. Gail is monitoring the pressure and would release the flow before it became critical. Well again I thought there might be a mess or something but she informed me that there is no leakage or mess involved. After flushing my colon out a few times it was time for me to get off the table. Now that was an experience. But again it is just the feeling of having to go really, really, really bad. So as far as uncomfortable I would say not really.

My Second Treatment
Your probably reading, second treatment? Well I am one of those guys with the belly and have eaten everything wrong for a long time. So if you are like me don't expect results right away. I have been the poster child of bad eating. Like all of us we get older and start trying to slow down father time and try to eat better and fix things so our bodies run better. So during the first session not much came out in the way of impacted fecal matter. So we are round two and since I am a seasoned pro no worries. You do have the option of viewing the discharge tube to see what is coming out. For me it was something I knew going in, but didn't want to admit to, but I love sushi and many of you know with sushi comes parasites from the raw fish. So in so many words ah Yeah. It is interesting how much your body can do and withstand and you are basically punishing your colon with all these bad things. So needless to say that we/I still haven't reached the desired effect of elimination.

My Third Treatment
What I had to forgot to mention at the beginning of this story is that Gail had told me that I would need three treatments to start. We had seen some partial results on the second treatment, but not what Gail knew was possible. So I am on the table getting my third treatment. The color of the water has changes and there is matter going through the tube. Now we are waiting for the finish. The goal is to get those hard areas to break up and dislodge from your colon and be expelled as you go to the bathroom. Well success, after you have the treatment you go use the toilet and you know that it’s those hard formations coming out. There is no discomfort, but a lot of stuff is coming out in the form of hard pieces. Sorry for being so descriptive but that is the best way to describe it. On this treatment I actually had three bowel movements that expelled quite a few of these hard areas from my colon. So the process of detoxing my colon has started and I am looking to going back for regular treatments and more cleansing. I can say that yes I have lost weight already and feel better. We all want the instant gratification, but you have to remember that you are battling years of nasty garbage in your colon, for me it is 50 years worth.

I hope this will help you in making a decision for having colon hydrotherapy done and have Gail and her staff take care of you. I promise that you will be surprised on how easy it actually is and how much better you feel. If you are looking for weight loss, this is the ticket to start with, along with exercise and a good healthy diet.
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